Historical Landmarks

Guzara castle

Guzara is a place which ushers a new period of urban development and permanent seat construction for the Ethiopian empire during the medieval period.

Yisma Nigus

Yisma Nigus is one of the iconic place in Ethiopia in relation to the Battle of Adwa. A museum dedicated to the history of the area is recently installed.

Ayiteyef Adarash (Dining Hall)

Ayiteyef is one of the big historical dining hall in Ethiopia. The dining hall can accommodate 3000 guests at one time and as its name the king, the nobles, the clergy, the ordinary peoples were served equally in the hall.

Maqedela Ridge

Meqedela Amba is a place where the aspiration and the zeal of Emperor Tewodros for the modernization of Ethiopia come to an end.

Shonke Village

The Shonke Village is an Old and mesmerizing mountain with a 900 years unabated settlement with enthralling homes and alleyways.

Ankober lodge

The medieval town of Ankober is one of the best accomplished day trip destinations in the vicinity of Addis Ababa.