Merqorios horse galloping

The horse galloping event in Debere Tabor by the beginning of February is a reminder of some fantastic adventure movies.

Sebat bet Agew Horse Riding festival

With the decoration, they put in their horse, and with a large number of horses gathering annually attending the horsing events in the Amhara region is a lifetime experience.


Welcome to a place where Mewlid/the birth of Prophet Mohammed/ being celebrated in a colorful and astounding fashion.


One of the best event that makes visiting the region by the end of August is the vibrant girls festival Ashendey/Shadey/Solel.

Genna (Ethiopian Christmas)

Although Genna is observed by Christians across Ethiopia, the most famous Christmas celebrations arguably occur in the historic city of Lalibela.

Timket (Ephiphany)

Appraise as Ethiopia’s most colorful holiday of the year, Gondar is the right venue to witness this energic outdoor festival.