Religious Sites

Debre Birhane Sellassie

Welcome to one of Ethiopia’s most beautiful churches. Appealing as it is on the outside with its stone walls, arched doors and two-tiered thatch roof, it’s the inner sanctuary of Debre Berhan Selassie, with its glorious frescos, that really shines.

Zoz Amba Gyorgis

Hidden and unexplored, the rock-hewn churches of Zoz Amba Gyorgis flicker a glimpse of idea how Bete Gyorgis in Lalibela seems before the culmination of its construction.

Dima Giorgis Monastery

Dima Gyorgis is one of the active and elevated monastery of Ethiopian Orthodox Church long age scholarship and education.

Genete Maryam

Resemble the Bete Medhaniyalem church of Lalibela, Genete Marayam rock-hewn church is one of architecturally decorated and probably the last rock hewn church to be hewn in Lalibela area.

Asheton Maryam Monastery

The Asheton Maryam monastery is the perfect excuse to explore the stunning mountain scenery surrounding Lalibela. Set at an altitude of more than 3000 metres – carved into the rocky face of the Abuna Yoseph mountain – it is one of the highest monasteries in Ethiopia.

Hayq Estifanos Church

Hayq Estifanots (St.Stephen) monastery is the first university of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Many saints and Scholars of the Ethiopian Orthodox church of the early medieval period attend their monastic education here.

Jema Nigus

Historic as its the first place in Ethiopia in which Mewlid (the birth of prophet Mohammed) openly celebrated and iconic for its vibrance and colorful annual celebration of Mewelid; Jema Nigus is a plaece to be hold.

Lake Tana Monasteries

Lake Tana is the pioneer place in Ethiopia in relation to Christianity as it was the sheltering place for the holy family during the first century AD.

Yemrehana Kristos Church

Yimrehane Kirstos an exceptional church which sits on a foundation of carefully laid olive-wood panels, which ‘float’ it perfectly above the marshy ground.

Gishen Maryam

One of Ethiopia’s unmissable sights for travelers Gishen Mariam is a repository of the fragment of the original True Cross.

Tedebabe Maryam

Tedebabe Mariam church is hailed as one of the four old testament scarification holy sites in Ethiopia.

Mertule Mariam

Its establishment dated back to the early period of Christianity Mertule Mariam is a place of magnificent architecture and religious scholarship.

Abune Melketsedeq Monastery

This monastery is one of the bizarre religious sites in Ethiopia, which keeps human corpses intact for hundreds of years without Mummification.