Lakes Hot Springs and Water falls

Lake Zengena

Lake Zenegna is one of the Crater Lakes in Ethiopia which endowed with a large variety of bird species and wildlife.

Lake Tirba

Lake Tirba is one of the few crater lakes that dotted around the Awi Zone of the Amhara Regional state.

Wanzaye Hotspring

Wanzaye Filweha/ hot spring/ is one of the nearby and closest natural hot spring near the region capital Bahiradar. The hot spring has a curative role for local communities.

Lake Hayq(logo)

Best well-known for its crystal clear water, Lake Hayq is one of the lakes found out of the Ethiopian Great Rift Valley system.

Blue Nile Falls

The Blue Nile looks like a sluggish beast as it meanders out of Lake Tana, but not far out of Bahir Dar you’ll see the Nile in a very different mood.

Lake Tana Biosphere Reserve

Lake Tana Biosphere Reserve a hotspot of biodiversity, internationally known as an Important Bird Area, and is of global importance for agricultural genetic diversity.